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By: Larry Lewis

The Internet is full of people who think that they can just market any product or service and voila, they will become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. But such is not the case. In most instances, marketing on the internet require hard work and persistence beyond what most are willing to commit.

There are 3 things that you must do to ensure that you are going to be successful in your webdevours.

1) Commit to a plan/goal.

  • Whether you are selling a product, service or marketing your blog you must develop a coherent plan that will attract visitor and keep them interested in your material. Stay on the cutting edge and become an expert at what you do.

2) Study and research.

  • It is imperative that you study and research the market you are entering so that you can find your niche. People want to know that you have the expertise in the area your are promoting, they don’t have the time to wander around while you figure it out. So have good product info, helpful and fresh links and be transparent, open and truthful. If you don’t know something, then say so, then let your readers-clients know that you will quickly find the answer to their issues. They WILL understand.

3) Build Relationships.

  • Web 2.0 is all about building relationships through Social Networking Channels. Take the time to “pay it forward with good advice to people so they will trust and get to know you. If you are using Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking channel, go slowly, don’t plaster the forum or new friends you’ve met with your product sales offer before you even say HELLO. Keep it real…then it won’t go wrong for you and people will appreciate you more

There are a plethora of additional thing to consider before you become successful on the internet, but these are three that will make your life a lot easier if you do them now, rather than later.

By: Larry Lewis

Web-Marketing and Social Networking Consultant




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