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Your TechAngel IS ON THE WAY.

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As I have evalauted topics during the prelaunch of this blog ( Officially Launching 12/26/08) I have come to conclusion that issues surrounding Consulting will be of top concern during 2009. As more and more people get laid off from their jobs in various industries, they will moving into the Consulting arena and need succinct info on how to set-up, evaluate, and maintain their Consulting projects and efficiently use the internet as a tool.

To that end I look forward to intoducing you to Mr. Justus Bey, a 12 year IT consultant who will share his ideas and input for those that have real questions about becoming Consultants.

Justus Bey is known as TechAngel and will be a tremendous addition in providing insights to each and everyone who follows this blog.

You can follow Justus Bey @ Facebook or Twitter at www.twitter.com/Justusbey.

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